Apple TV 6 Said To Include 64GB/128GB Storage; tvOS 14 Features 'Kids Mode'

Apple YouTuber iUpdate and The Verifier jointly report that Apple is developing a new Apple TV in which the storage will increase to 64GB/128GB and would feature an A11 or A12 processor.

The previous Apple TV comes in 32GB and 64GB capacity, which is already enough for most consumers. Nevertheless, as Apple shifts to a more Service-focused business model, the amount of content that the service offers will require a lot of resources, such as those Apple Arcade games, so it makes sense for Apple to introduce an Apple TV with additional storage.

In addition to the new Apple TV, the next generation of tvOS, tvOS 14, will add "Kids Mode". Apple TV users can set up separate accounts for their children and control what apps and what they can watch. Finally, tvOS 14 is also said to support Screen Time, enables users to keep track on how much time they're spending watching television.

So far as availability is concerned, today's article argues that the up and coming Apple TV model is expected to be available in November and December. The thing is, Apple has never held an event in the last two months. Again, as with all hardware timelines right now, this may shift due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Details on software and hardware have been reliably noted by the Verifier in the past–but its timeline is often inaccurate. So we suggest to treat this rumor with skepticism.

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