Apple Updates App Store Review Guidelines, Here Is What's New

Apple updated the App Store Review Guidelines today and several terms have changed. Apple says 77% of devices released in the past 4 years have been updated to iOS 13. On the iPad side, 79% updated to iPadOS 13. This suggest that it is critical for developers to update their apps with support for the latest technology.

Apple requires that starting April 30, 2020, all new apps and app updates must be compiled with the iOS 13 SDK. This means that applications will support new technologies such as Dark Mode, ARKit 3, Core ML3. At the same time, Apple also requires developers that their apps to be compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the seventh-generation iPad.

After April 30th, apps must support "Sign in with Apple." The new auditing guidelines also stipulate that reviews of any "dating" and "fortune telling" apps will be more stringent, unless they are unique and high quality.

Apple noted that apps are used to commit or attempt to commit crimes of any kind by helping users evade law enforcement will be rejected. In addition, apps that provide services in highly-regulated fields (such as banking and financial services, healthcare, and air travel) or that require sensitive user information should be submitted by a legal entity that provides the services, and not by an individual developer.

If the user authorizes, Push Notifications can be used for marketing purposes, and the developer must provide an option in the app that can turn off marketing notifications. Finally, developers must use the API provided by Apple and cannot ask users to give 5-star rating in the app through pop-up windows.

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