iOS Bug Prevents VPN From Encrypting All Traffic Discovered, Fix Coming Soon

A new vulnerability appears to have been discovered on devices running iOS 13.3.1 and later, which could prevent virtual private networks (VPNs) from encrypting all traffic, which would allow other internet connections to bypass encryption and potentially expose user data and IP addresses. Apple is said to be aware of the bug and will be releasing a software update shortly.

Bleeping Computer reported this firstly that the vulnerability is caused because iOS often does not terminate all existing connections when the user connects to a VPN, allowing them to reconnect to the destination servers once the VPN tunnel has been created. However, this vulnerability does not affect connections made after connecting to a VPN on your iOS device.

As the first one to find the flaw, Proton VPN said those at most risk because of the security flaw are individuals in countries where surveillance and abuses of civil rights are typical. Neither ProtonVPN nor any other VPN Provider can provide a working solution to exacerbating the situation as iOS does not permit a VPN app to exterminate existing network connections.

In the meantime, while Apple is working on a fix to address the bug, it is recommended that VPN users switch AirPower Mode on and then disable Airplane Mode to kill all existing connections.

Image Via Bleeping Computer

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