iPad Pro 2020 Reviews And Benchmark Results Suggest It's A Modest Upgrade

The iPad Pro 2020 have already arrived in the hands of some user, and reviews are now out for Apple's new tablet, while benchmark results have also been available for sometime, which shows it have little to no improvement in terms of performance.

Review wise, some says that iPad Pro's LiDAR sensor is powerful, but they can't fully test it because there are no apps available to take advantage of it. The Verge, specifically, commented that scrolling on iPad feels natural. But, pushing the cursor up to the edge of the screen to bring up the Dock, Notification Center, and sidebar apps produces some visual weirdness.

In terms of performance, Geekbench 5 shows the new iPad Pro have a Single-Core Score of 1114, a Multi-Core Score of 4654, and a GPU Score of 9894. In comparison, the 2018 iPad Pro model has a Single-Core Score of 1111, a Multi-Core Score of 4604, and a GPU Score of 9146. Thus, the A12Z chip is roughly similar in performance to the A12X.

Overall, the impression seems to be this: the 2020 iPad Pro is basically an iterative update of the 2018 edition, with some minor improvements in performance and enhanced camera systems. LiDAR is likely to be the hottest new tech, but need to wait and see how Apple and third-party developers can make use of it. In addition, the Smart Keyboard is considered to be one of the most radical upgrades to the iPad Pro this year, but will not be available for purchase till May.

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