iPhone 12 Reportedly To Include 'World-Facing' 3D Depth Sensor For AR Tech

As early as 2017, there were rumors surfacing on the internet that the future iPhones would include a 3D camera system. Last year, a report by well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that this technology will be launched this year. This, however, have been further confirmed by a new piece today...

Fast Company reports that the iPhone 12's rear camera is undergo a design improvement and that at least one of the iPhone 12 models this year will support gain the "world-facing" 3D depth sensor, as Apple has selected Lumentum in San Jose to provide VCSEL Lasers to power the sensor.

The sensor, which according to Fast Company, is similar to the TrueDepth sensor used on Face ID, which enables the rear camera to support depth sensing, which can bring a better augmented reality experience, and also bring a new camera function, that is, change the focus point after the picture is taken.

It is understood that people who are familiar with the matter have confirmed that this year at least one iPhone will be installed with a 3D depth sensor on the back,  and Apple engineers have been developing it for two years.

The current iPhone uses the parallax effect of two different cameras to create a 3D view model that can deliver portrait mode and some augmented reality functions, but the effect is not very accurate.

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