Leaked Photos Show Off Upcoming Powerbeats 4 Earphone In A New Design

German website WinFuture.de leaked the official marketing photos of the much-rumored Powerbeats 4 earphones today. The photos show that the new models will be available in white, black and red.

In line with the recent FCC documents submitted by Apple, the newly leaked images show that Powerbeats 4 is supposed to implement a more angled design similar to "Powerbeats Pro," with the same inclined in-ear fit and wrap-around ear hooks. Moreover, like the Powerbeats 3, the Powerbeats 4 will still be connected by a cable, but will now be mounted at the bottom of every ear hook.

Powerbeats 4 is said to be having the same sound quality as Powerbeats Pro and have a battery life of up to 15 hours, which is charged through the Lightning port.

Though we are unclear about the pricing, considering that Powerbeats Pro sells for $249.95 in the United States, and Powerbeats 3, which has been in sale for three years, starts at $199.95. Thus, it's safe to say that the earphone will be priced between $199.95 to $249.95.

We have reported last month that Apple's Powerbeats 4 have received approvals from the FCC, which usually indicates an upcoming release, so Apple is likely to release Powerbeats 4 via a press release in the near future.

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