New Apple Patent Hints Face ID Will Be Coming To MacBook Pro And iMac

Apple plans to introduce the iPhone's Face ID facial recognition system to its Mac lineup, including the MacBook and iMac, according to a recently published patent application document.

In the patent application document, Apple refers to the technology as the "Light Recognition Module," which is specifically used to recognize the user identity of the computer and involves implementing the Face ID facial recognition system to the MacBook.

The company also explicitly stressed how confidential information should be handled by users. Since a laptop have the power of allow people to use it to do some complicated work, certain privacy concerns may emerge.

Apple claims that, by performing these complex functions, the computing devices can collect and/or store sensitive data related to these users. In order to prevent unauthorized users from accessing these sensitive data, these computing devices can incorporate user authentication systems and mechanisms.

Cupertino's approach is to equip those electronic devices (such as laptops and desktops) with the Light Recognition Module mentioned above, better known as the Face ID module. Apple specified that the Face ID module could be mounted adjacent to the display layer or above the display layer. For different applications, the separating layer can incorporate a Notch, square, oval, polygonal or curved design.

All in all, the report claimed that such a tech would be the first to launch on the MacBook Pro and will extend to other models in the future.

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