Apple Maps Now Displaying COVID-19 Testing Locations

Apple Maps is now displaying the COVID-19 test locations available to users throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. One can scan for COVID-19 test locations or display them directly on the map.

Users will see a red medical glyph icon in the Maps app that tells them that this is a COVID-19 testing site. Further, "COVID-19 Testing" is now the first option in the list by clicking on the search window.

Today's launch comes after an online portal that allowed healthcare providers, labs, or other businesses to be registered as a COVID-19 testing location. It's unclear if Apple still accepts registrations. If they do, health institutions are asked to download and open the CSV template, then fill in the testing location information, and email the file to Apple.

Oh, and if you are a DuckDuckGo user, search for "COVID-19 testing locations" would bring up Apple Maps web interfaces, which also displays those testing sites.

Aside from making Apple Maps a way to check COVID-19 testing locations, It was announced yesterday that Apple is partnering with Google to enable the use of Bluetooth technology on iPhones and Android smartphones to help governments and health agencies reduce the spread of the virus.

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