Apple Publishes Face Shield Fabrication Guidelines

Photo via Apple 
All 3D printers, DIYers and manufacturers, Apple now has published a document on making face shields! These face shield templates and designs from Apple are used by the company to distribute their shields to healthcare facilities and hospitals worldwide, which are currently battling the outbreak. Materials needed include clear polyethylene (PET) or PETG for the shield and forehead band and a piece of latex-free silicone for the head straps. Silicone must be at least 1.4-1.6 mm thick and PET materials at only half a millimeter in thickness.

Creators and manufacturers must have these materials including a 3D printer for the headbands, or a 2D cutting machine such as a water jet, laser or die-cutter to cut out the materials. There is also a ZIP file provided by Apple with the cut files for fabrication of the face shields, including diagrams and instructional documents. Apple’s support article regarding the face shield manufacturing has the following information and requirements for making an Apple-designed face shield. Please note that the finished product and the instructions listed are not approved and cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but it is authorized by FDA as emergency use for PPE, as long it fits properly and correctly made by the wearer.

Making Apple’s face shields requires all creators to wear an N95 respirator, a clean workspace, and nitrile gloves to prevent contamination of the face shield. All face shields must be fit tested before distributing or for use. The shield is not sterile but it is safe to be disinfected and sanitized with cleaning products. Make sure to inspect the materials and use the right measurements before fabricating face shields. Distribute the shields with tissue paper or protective plastic films to prevent damage and scratches on the finished products during transport.

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