Bug In macOS 10.15.4 Cause System To Crash When Transfer Large Files

A few weeks ago, Apple released macOS Catalina 10.15.4, introducing iCloud Drive folder sharing, Screen Time communications limits, Apple Music time-synced lyrics view, and more. However, Mac users said that they had encounter various system crashes after the update to the version.

When users try to transfer large files, the crash issue is most likely to occur. RAID software developer on the forum that 10.15.4 is indeed suffering from the bug and is developing solutions with Apple engineers:
It shows up in different scenarios, even on Apple disks but is more likely when there are lots of IO threads. We think it is a threading issue. So while SoftRAID volumes are hit the hardest (its now hard to copy more than 30GB of data at a time), all systems are impacted by this.

In our bug report to Apple, we used a method to reproduce the problem with ONLY Apple formatted disks. Takes longer to reproduce, but that is more likely to get a faster fix to the user base.

I hope Apple will get a 10.15.5 out quickly to fix this. Except for downgrading with a previously downloaded installed, it is very hard. (Time Machine is broken where "Snapshots" were not working, so the magic "go back" is not working)
MacRumors reported that other users also experienced similar problems, where their Mac crashes after waking up during sleep, as the kernel panic will appear and restart when the Mac experienced the issue.

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