iPhone 7 And 8 Cases Also Fits The Newly Announced iPhone SE 2

Image via Apple 
Yesterday morning, Apple announced the second-generation iPhone SE in a press release. The iPhone SE 2 comes in three colors of black, white and Product (RED), omitting the colors of gold, red, space grey and silver in the previous iPhone 8. In its screen size, it is the same proportions as of the regular-sized iPhone 8, except the Apple logo is in the center of the back of the iPhone. This caused a lot of questions from the iPhone users owning the iPhone 7 and 8 and are planning to upgrade to the more powerful iPhone SE 2. When Apple released the new leather and silicone cases for the new, tiny iPhone in the series of the 4.7-inch iPhone models, the case only had the Apple logo moved down to the center like the iPhone SE itself, but the webpage does not mention any of the standard iPhone 7 or 8 models in the compatibility lists.

iPhone 7 and 8 users believed that the design of the iPhone SE (2nd generation) could fit in an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 case, as long it is not designed for the gigantic iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus models. This hypothesis, as stated by these users, is correct. Many third-party iPhone accessory companies added the iPhone SE 2 in the existing listings of their iPhone 7 and 8 cases because the arrangement of the buttons, sizes and camera holes are the same. Apple had already discontinued the iPhone 8/7 Leather and Silicone cases from the Apple Online Store and replaced with the cases for the latest iPhone SE (2nd generation) models. The Cupertino company did not terminate sales of the leather and silicone cases for the larger iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus models as there is no iPhone SE that comes with an enlarged, 5.5” inch Retina display.

All in all, the second-generation iPhone SE was lately announced and the preorders do not start until this Friday. Due to the closures of the Apple Stores to prevent large gatherings of queues anticipating their new iPhones, all iPhone SE second-generation models have to be brought from Apple authorized resellers and on the Apple Online Store. The iPhone SE’s release is on next Friday, which means that nobody has the small, 4.7-inch iPhone in their hands yet. But, in this case, it is guaranteed that an iPhone 7 or 8 case is compatible with the second-generation iPhone SE.

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