Leaked Schematics Suggest iPhone 12 Could Include A Smaller Notch

Twitter leaker Jon Prosser is back with his Apple leaks, this time shared images that are alleged to be the schematics of Apple's unreleased "iPhone 12," which shows that the notch that houses the Face ID sensors and among other small components is smaller than the one found on the current iPhones.

The first image looks like a CAD sketch, such a form of design is often leaked through Apple's supply partners. The second one appears to be based on the model of the first one, depicting the details of the hardware found in the "notch."

From the image, the components of this new TrueDepth device are the same as the iPhone X, including the infrared lens, flood sensor, light sensor, distance sensor, dot matrix projection, pro-active, etc., but thanks to technological advancements, manufacturers have been able to narrow the size and distance of the components, thereby shrinking the area covered by the screen.

And when looking closely, the speaker is now relocated above the display frame, rather than fits inside the notch.

Reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo first proposed that at least one new iPhone in 2020 will feature a smaller front camera lens for a better screen-to-bezel ratio, eventually leading to a slimmer notch. Kuo went on to say that he expects all three iPhones to be released in 2021 will be notch-less.

Jon Prosser has also said that two of the four iPhone 12 range are fitted with dual rear cameras, LCD screens, and thick aluminum alloy frames; while the iPhone 12 Pro models are fitted with triple-lens camera + LiDAR lidar scanner, OLED screen, Stainless Steel middle frame, and the frame is smaller.

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