New AirPods Could Be Readying For Launch In May

Leaker Jon Prosser tweeted today that Apple is readying for a new AirPods to be launched next month, and add that a new MacBook Pro model will be unveiled alongside it.

Besides the release time, Jon did not mention what features it would include, or the price of the wireless earbuds. Although, a report from DigiTimes published in February, stated that Apple was working with the suppliers on a product called "AirPods Pro Lite," which could possibly suggest that it would feature the same in-ear design as the AirPods Pro without Active Noise Cancellation.

We are not clear if the term "AirPods Pro Lite" was a mistake on DigiTimes' part, and whether this would be a third-generation version of the regular ‌AirPods‌ or a new branch in the AirPods Pro lineup.

It's worth to note that a Twitter user replied Prosser's tweet in which he claims the new AirPods' internal code is B288a, the second-generation of AirPods has a codename of B288, consequently, it implies that the latest AirPods could be the successor to the AirPods (2nd Generation), released in March 2019.

If this is indeed the AirPods 2 replacement, the price of the model should be at $159.00 with Charging Case and $199.00 with Wireless Charging Case.

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