Report Shed Lights On Apple's First Mac With ARM Processors, Launch In 2021

In the light of reports that Apple plans to release the first Mac featured with ARM processors in 2021, a Bloomberg report is out now confirming that the company is on track to launch at least one Mac with its own custom-designed ARM-based processor by 2021.

The Bloomberg report mentioned that Apple is developing multiple desktop ARM chips to prepare for the future Mac. The first Apple self-developed ARM processor will utilize a 5-nanometer process with a 12-core design, including eight high-performance cores, and four energy-efficient cores.

The performance of Apple’s self-developed ARM chips may exceed that of Intel’s while using much less energy. It's said that the performance of the 12-core desktop ARM chip would "significantly lead" the A13 chip in the latest iPhone.

Apple's MacBook Air entry model includes a two-core processor, while the 13-inch MacBook Pro has a 4-core processor. Of course, the number of cores does not explicitly affect overall performance, but it is also one of the most essential performance metrics.

The ARM Mac project is code-named Kalamata within the company. And Kalamata is a city located in Southern Greece, it's the second-most populous city on the Peloponnese Peninsula, after Patras.

TSMC, the Taiwan-based semiconductor foundry, which builds Apple's A-series mobile processor, will also build the new Mac chips

In the future, it is unclear whether Apple will completely drop Intel processors.

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