2nd Wave of Apple Stores in USA Reopening In More States, Deirdre O’Brien’s Letter Showcases Apple Retail Commitment to Reopening All 510 Stores Worldwide

Three more states have reopened a few Apple Stores in the US, in California, Hawaii, Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, and the state of Washington earlier this week. This adds 25 more locations to the other 100 reopened last week in the lowest-risk US states, parts of the European Union, and Australia. Some Apple Stores in California may only be open for curbside pickup and drive-thru service for iOS devices, Macs and accessories and socially distanced Genius Bar appointments.

All Apple Stores reopening all require customers to follow mandatory rules when going in the store and pulling up to curbside pickup or drive-thru Genius Bar support. All customers must maintain social distancing of 6 feet when lined up to enter the store and while shopping, wear face masks and undergo a temperature check. Customers will also be taking a health questionnaire from the employees at the door before entering. If customers are receiving products at curbside pickup or getting assistance for their iOS devices and Macs in their cars, they must wear a face mask and remain in their vehicles at all times. Make sure to check the webpage for the store before visiting, as several California locations are not fully reopened for in-store shopping and only for curbside service per Gavin Newsom’s Phase 2 California reopening, which states the low-risk, nonessential businesses are only allowed to be open for curbside or drive-thru services.

Apple’s SVP of Retail + People, Deirdre O’Brien, sent out a letter to all Apple retail employees about the reopening procedures and phases for the remainder of the other closed stores. All of the stores reopening will be determined by the company in consultation with government, state, and county public health departments including the state’s lockdown orders. Stores will be open at half of its capacity and face masks and hand sanitizer will be available for customers as well. All stores will also have a cleaning crew to clean the store more thoroughly and frequently alongside limited hours.

O’Brien’s letter states:
Next week we’ll continue our very gradual and thoughtful reopening of US stores, adding more than 25 locations in seven states. While we know many customers are eager for their local store to reopen, our commitment is to reopen our stores when we are confident the environment is safe. We miss our customers and look forward to seeing them again soon.

All open locations will offer Apple Pickup, where customers can buy online and select a time to pick up their product at the store, and Genius Bar appointments by reservation. Some locations will offer only curbside or storefront service and we encourage all customers to check their local store webpage for more information about hours and services offered. Customers can also visit apple.com for support by phone or chat.

Anyone visiting our store will see some additional steps, including social distancing, which creates ample open space for customers to have a one-to-one connection with our teams. Temperature checks will be conducted at the door and face coverings will be required for all of our teams and customers, which we’ll provide to customers who don’t bring their own. Our social distance protocol means a limited number of visitors in the store at one time so there may be a delay for walk-in customers.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by COVID-19 and those working around the clock to treat, study and contain its spread.
All open locations are only taking Genius Bar appointments and no walk-in services, store pickup, and buying items in-store. Apple still encourages customers to use the Apple Online Store to order or pick up items in-store or get them delivered, to eliminate contact with employees, and if they need to buy anything while their local stores are still closed. This is the second wave of US stores to reopen, with the first stores reopening in Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama, and Alaska in the previous week. The stores reopening right now includes locations in a few cities in northern or central California and the state of Washington, and several stores in Florida, Alabama, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Colorado.

Deirdre O’Brien does not want any of the reopened stores to close again, which is the reason why the company is consulting with public health officials and reviewing reopening plans for the counties and the states before they consider reopening the store. O’Brien’s letter posted on the Apple website on the 17th of May states that Apple is also reviewing COVID-19 cases, guidance, public health orders, and state officials in the continuation to restore Apple retail to the new normal without defying shelter-in-place orders.
Our commitment is to only move forward with a reopening once we’re confident we can safely return to serving customers from our stores. We look at every available piece of data — including local cases, near and long‑term trends, and guidance from national and local health officials. These are not decisions we rush into — and a store opening in no way means that we won't take the preventative step of closing it again should local conditions warrant.

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