Apple Closes Stores Across The US Amid Protests Over George Floyd's Death

In the protests that broke out across the United States, Apple retail stores were targeted by individual mobsters. Some retail stores were severely damaged, and even the goods inside were looted. In order to protect the safety of employees, Apple decided to temporarily close its many stores that have just reopened across the United States on Sunday.

George Floyd, an unarmed African American man, was violently killed by police during his arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, triggering protests in at least 30 cities in the United States. During the arrest, a police officer murdered Floyd with his knee upon his neck. The video of this incident was circulated on social media and news media, creating public anger. The protesters called for justice for Floyd.

However, violent incidents including property vandalism and robbery also emerged during the protests, as some protesters used this event to create fear, and Apple retail stores became the target of store looting and burglary.

In Portland, Oregon, nearly 10 meters of windows at the Apple retail store in Pioneer Place were smashed on all sides. The retail store just reopened two days ago, and now needs extensive repairs to the exterior before it can be reopened to customers. A video recorded by a local reporter in Portland showed that someone broke into a dim retail store and picked up Apple products to escape, including products on display on the table and on the shelves.

In Minneapolis, the Apple retail store on Hennepin Avenue was blocked with wooden panels on Wednesday but was hacked and robbed on Thursday night. When the robber left the retail store, his body was covered with the powder of the fire extinguisher, and the product display table was empty, turned over.

A source confirmed that the state of emergency operations in Georgia forced all Apple retail stores to close. On Saturday night, many people saw the staff of the Avalon Apple retail store packing the products displayed in the store because they expected riots and potential robberies.

On Saturday night, the protesters also caused damage to an Apple retail store in Arizona. The video shows that dozens of people broke through the entrance of the Apple retail store, then rushed into the store again, trying to steal the iPhone and MacBook.

The tension between the police and the protesters continues to escalate, making it likely that protests and riots will continue in the next few days.

In response to the current tensions and to protect retail employees from harm, Apple decided on Sunday to temporarily close its retail stores across the United States, many of which have just resumed operations due to the lifting of the pandemic restrictions.

After temporarily closing and reopening all global retail stores during the peak period of the COVID-19 outbreak, the closure again was a heavy blow to Apple’s efforts to reopen global retail stores.

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