Half of Italian Apple Store Locations Will Reopen May 19

Image via Apple 
Apple announced reopening dates for half of Italy’s Apple Store locations. These stores will reopen on May 19th next Tuesday with limited hours from 11 am to 7 pm. There are supposed to be 11 stores reopening with the Nave de Vero location but it has gone down to 10 reopening stores as the aforementioned location changed hours back to temporarily closed. All stores are in the cities of Florence, East Rome, and Central Sicily. Other locations in Leone and Milan’s only Apple Store, Piazza Liberty, will remain shut down until further notice.

This is the fourth wave of Apple Stores reopening in Europe, with Austria being the first to reopen then to Germany and Switzerland. Italian news publication la Repubblica asserts that a statement from Apple proves the store reopening will be happening in their country.

"We are happy to start welcoming visitors to some of our stores in Italy starting next Tuesday," quotes la Repubblica. "In a situation where many work and study from home, we are looking forward to providing the service and the assistance they need."

"Our social distancing protocol means a limited number of visitors to the store at one time, so expectations may arise for customers," continues Apple's statement. "Our thoughts go to all those who have been affected by COVID-19 and to those who work 24 hours a day to treat, study, and contain its diffusion."

The source said that they are reopening stores to allow Italians access to service for their Apple products and trying out devices in the store primarily, leaving out to strongly suggest that all customers use the Apple Online Store if in any case, they need to buy accessories and products. All social distancing and cleanliness rules apply as with the other reopening stores elsewhere. There will also be limited carrying capacity of customers at one time and all customers and employees are obliged to wear face masks.

All Italian Apple Store locations have been closed temporarily for 10 weeks as of now, since the day before all other locations outside Mainland China shut down on 11 PM PDT, March 13th. Italy has been under the strictest lockdown ever in the European Union, with the entire order to be lifted on 4 June.

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