iPhone 13 Camera Details Appears To Be Leaked: Quad-Camera + LiDAR Sensor

The iPhone 12 series that will be unveiled this fall has not been officially released yet, but Twitter user @choco_bit has already shared the details of the iPhone 13 camera system. Rumors have it that this year's iPhone 12 will feature a 3 camera + 1 LiDAR sensor design with a total of four cameras. As for Next year's iPhone 13, the leaker says it will be adopting a 4 camera lens + 1 LiDAR camera setup:

  • 64MP wide-angle lens, 1x optical zoom, 6x digital zoom
  • 40MP telephoto lens, 3-5 optical zoom, 15-20 times digital zoom
  • 64MP anamorphic lenses for video recording (2.1: 1)
  • 40MP .25x ultra-wide-angle lens, supporting optical reverse zoom
  • LiDAR scanner 4.0
Apple typically creates plans for subsequent iPhones before releasing new ones, but these plans are often subject to corresponding changes and adjustments. Therefore, the final design of the related models may not be consistent with this set of drawings.

It is reported that iPhone 12 is expected to adopt a 64MP rear camera lenses and support 3x optical zoom. At the same time, it is anticipated that the high-end ‌iPhone 12‌ models will continue to embrace the rear triple-lens camera arrangement, while the low-end ‌iPhone 12‌ models will continue to utilize the rear dual-lens camera system.

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