Leaker Claims Apple Glasses To Be Unveiled Next Year, Rather Than 2022

Leaker Jon Prosser said today on Twitter that Apple’s augmented reality glasses, Apple Glasses, will be available next year, rather than 2022, predicted by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at Tianfeng International.

Yesterday, Kuo told investors in a report that the long-rumored Apple Glasses is scheduled to be released in 2022 due to the complexity of manufacturing. However, Prosser believes that this product will be unveiled between March and June of 2021.

"I can’t believe I’m going against Kuo on this one... but I believe he’s wrong," Prosser said in a tweet he posted this morning.

Proser also stated that he had seen Apple Glasses with his own eyes and that they are "sleek", and the design's essentially the same as traditional glasses. Prosser likewise insisted that he would reveal the Glasses as soon as possible.

Earlier this month, Prosser said that Apple may add mmWave and Sub-6GHz technology (that supports 5G networks) to AR glasses instead of supporting WiFi connectivity.

In predicting Apple's new products, Kuo and Proser both have very accurate records. In contrast, Kuo has longer prediction records, while Prosser's understanding of the forthcoming new products is more comprehensive.

Image: iDrop News

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