Unreleased iOS 14 Software Found In China iPhone 11 Model With Leaked Screenshots And Apple Headphones

iOS 14 reportedly got leaked from an iPhone 11 in the possession of a hacker. The forthcoming iOS software started emerging in technology media outlets in February, at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. The iPhone 11 is running development, pre-beta version of iOS 14 from December 2019, with the device obtained from a Chinese company. Hackers extracted the software from the iPhone and then leaked the unreleased software through screenshots. This includes the new layout of the app switcher, rumored Apple wireless headphones, and AirTags. It also includes the AR viewer used in the 2020 iPad Pro for the upcoming iPhone’s LiDAR scanner.

It has been a very long time since future iOS versions were leaked from Apple devices labeled as “internal use only”, as these types of leaks are more significant when it starts circulating in the media early before WWDC. This iOS 14 prototype reveal has a multitasking app switcher resembling from iPadOS for the iPhone. There are also icons for the Apple over-ear headphones in the code of the iPhone 11 and in March, the AirTags and NFC car keys were found in the software. In the same month as the release of the iPad Pro 2020, there is also the same augmented reality scanners for the iPhone 12, borrowed from the respective iPad. On the other hand, a similar leak of a future iOS version followed in a story of a prototype iPhone 4 left in a bar from a former iOS engineer back on April 20th, 2010. It gave clues about the upcoming iOS 4 software and the iPhone 4’s internals, as the iPhone still retains its design of an iPhone 3GS to prevent revealing the unreleased iPhone from the outside.

Still, the iOS 14 rumors from an iPhone 11 handed off from a Chinese company to a hacker still does not guarantee that the actual software will have these features on the beta versions. Every year there are always information and screenshots of unreleased Apple software and features that usually come in the beta versions, not in this case. It is confirmed but it is not rare to see the successive iOS version details early before the WWDC conference every summer, as Apple does not control a single copy of an operating system that is in development.

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