3 More Countries Roll Out COVID-19 Contact Tracing in iOS 13.5

3 more countries are now offering contact tracing for COVID-19 in iOS 13.5. This includes the countries of Germany, Poland, and Saudi Arabia, in their country’s COVID-19 contact tracing apps created by the country’s health ministry. These apps are available for download in the App Store for free and for all iPhone users. 

The feature, made by Apple in collaboration with Google a month ago in iOS 13.5, helps users who have tested positive for coronavirus alert others who have been in close contact with the infected person’s device via Bluetooth. Contact tracking COVID-19 cases are a useful feature to help get information on coronavirus cases and who they interacted with, to make the reopening and containing the coronavirus outbreak easier. By its release, Apple said the feature is available to 22 countries with a few states in the US including Alabama, North Dakota, and South Carolina. 

Contact tracing infected iPhone users can help them with guidance and self-isolating to curb away from spreading the coronavirus to other people, even if they tested positive but without any symptoms. It will be a year for a COVID-19 vaccine to roll out and everyone in the world still has to follow guidelines from local public health authorities. Some countries also have their own apps for people to report coronavirus symptoms, temperature, and travel history, including GPS tracking in the countries where 2-week self-quarantine is mandatory for travelers. Testing, staying home, treatment, contact tracing, and following safety precautions are the only ways everyone can help slow and stop the outbreak, raise the line, and flatten the curve. 

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