Apple Stock Passed $350 Mark; First Wave Of Staff To Resume Work On June 5

Apple stock has reached a new all-time high of $351.50, officially passed the $350 mark, and now, the Cupertino, Calfornia-based technology giant has a market capitalization of more than $1.5 trillion.

Shares of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft closed on record highs on Tuesday, helping the Nasdaq Composite Index broke the 10,000-point milestone during the day. We, therefore, expect that those stocks will continue to rose today.

In February and March, Apple saw its stocks fall owing to supplier constraints, shop closures, and continuing transport curbs, but demand for new devices was fuelled as more and more people shifted to work from home, and that helped Apple's share price surge again in April.

Apple has issued a notice to employees in its Silicon Valley headquarters that the company's first wave of staff will resume work on June 15. However, the number of people returning to work in the first wave is "very limited" and can only return to the office on a specific date, depending on the work they are doing. At the same time, Apple emphasized that most employees cannot resume work for at least a few months.

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