iOS 13 Now Powers 92% Of Devices Introduced In The Last Four Years, iPadOS 93%

Apple has recently posted new stats for iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 adoption. According to them, iOS 13 is now installed on 92% of iPhones and iPod touch that are introduced in the last four years, while 93% of iPads from the past four years have upgraded to ‌iPadOS, a new operating system that is designed for the iPad platform.

In fact, Apple states that 81% of all iPhone and iPod touch devices are powered by iOS 13, while 13% are running iOS 12, with 6% of devices still stayed on an earlier version of iOS. As for iPadOS, 73% of all iPad devices are running the system, followed by 16% on iOS 12 and 11% on earlier releases.

The last time Apple updated the stats was in January when ‌iOS 13‌ was installed on 77 percent of iPhones released in the last four years, and 79 percent of iPads released in the last four years.

iOS 14, the successor to iOS 13, will be unveiled at Apple's WWDC Keynote event next week. Rumors have indicated iOS 14 will feature new Home screen design, a new Fitness app, several improvements to the Messages app, a new Augmented Reality app, revamps to the Podcasts app, Safari's built-in translation, a full version of Xcode for iPad, CarKey, and so much more.

Israeli site The Verifier suggests that iOS 14 will be compatible with all iPhones and iPod touch models able to run iOS 13, though the site didn't specify iPadOS 14 compatibilities.

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