Leaker Shares Image Of AirPower Prototype, Solved Overheating Issues

Leaker Jon_Prosser previously broke the news that the Apple AirPower device code-named C68 has been tested by engineers. Today, Jon_Prosser shared an alleged photo of the wireless charging mat prototype.

From the picture, It seems that Apple has found a way to solve the problem of overheating, and it can now fit AirPods Pro and an Apple Watch at the same time. However, it is unclear how hot can the device get.

Jon Prosser said that Apple implemented an A11 chip to this accessory to enable it to transfer power to a specific coil area, and can dynamically detect the device temperature. 

Prosser believes that Apple's new AirPower wireless charging board will be released as soon as the end of this year, and will retail for $250.

AirPower was unveiled in 2017, and 19 months later, Apple said the AirPower project had been terminated. As to whether AirPower could overcome myriad issues in the future, there is still much to learn. let alone the launch date.

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