Patent Suggests How 'Apple Glass' Would Correct Wearer's Vision

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has published a new Apple patent, which described a technology that allows Apple's augmented reality glasses to automatically correct the wearer's vision.

In this patent, the technology behind the automatically adjusting lenses that can be used on the rumored Apple Glass is defined. This product applies to the AR glasses category and can be used with smartphones (similar to iPhones in patent images). The smartphone can slide into the frame and connect to the internal connector, and then use it as a display.

Apple has repeatedly marked this patent as "a Head-mounted display apparatus for retaining a portable electronic device with display." It outlines a new system that can change the position and configuration of optical components. In other words, Apple Glass can be adjusted according to the user's vision.
Head-mounted display systems and methods of operation that allow users to couple and decouple a portable electronic device such as a handheld portable electronic device with a separate head-mounted device (e.g., temporarily integrates the separate devices into a single unit) are disclosed. The portable electronic may be physically coupled to the head-mounted device such that the portable electronic device can be worn on the user's head. The portable electronic device may be operatively coupled to the head-mounted device such that the portable electronic device and head mounted device can communicate and operate with one another. Each device may be allowed to extend its features and/or services to the other device for the purpose of enhancing, increasing and/or eliminating redundant functions between the head-mounted device and the portable electronic device.
In addition, the screen can be adjusted to make the displayed image clearer. This is accomplished by changing the position of the image on the lens and adjusting the content size. Gazing at the patented images, we can perceive that the processing power behind this method will be realized by the iPhone.

The system is comparable to earlier versions of Apple Watch and demands an iPhone to perform most of the functions. It may take some time if you want to be completely independent of the iPhone.

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