Apple Patents Detail How iPhone Could Store Your Government-Issued IDs

The iPhone has saved us from having to carry diaries, cameras, and even mirrors. Apple recently even announced that it will replace the car keys with the iPhone. Now, Apple has turned to passports, library borrowing cards, ski resort membership cards, and other identification paperwork.

Apple has detailed how to record and transmit a user's ID in the latest patent application documents,

The patent documents, entitled "Providing Verified Claims of User Identity, explains that devices similar to the iPhone can safely transmit certain identifications. If the device owner has already been authenticated (such as using the Apple Watch’s biometric sensor), IDs should be sent right away.

Although their patents are mainly about how to store passports on an iPhone, it can actually be used for many other identifications. Apple also elaborated on the patent application documents on how to ensure the safe transmission of data through technical means.

One of the patent application describes the process of determining identity:
A device implementing a system for using a verified claim of identity may include at least one processor configured to receive a response vector corresponding to a verified claim of a user of a device, the verified claim comprising plural data fields to identify the user and being a digital certificate signed by a server, the verified claim being associated with the device, the response vector comprising, for each field of the plural data fields, a confidence score indicating a likelihood that the field is accurate. The at least one processor may be further configured to receive, from the device, a request for a service, determine, in response to receiving the request, that service is to be provided to the device based on the response vector and the verified claim, and provide the service to the device based on the determining.
In fact, Apple has previously worked on displaying government-issued ID cards in a secure manner and has also cooperated with the German and British governments to carry out ID card projects.

Though Apple publishes patents every week, it doesn't mean the company will put it in real use, it only shows that they are interested in this field.

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