Apple Previews New Emojis Coming To Apple Devices This Fall

To celebrate World Emoji Day today, Apple yesterday shared a variety of new Emojis that will be available on Apple devices this fall. These Emojis are part of the Unicode 13 standard. Last year, the addition of the new Emoji arrived in iOS 13.2, and this may be the case this year, that they will be rolled out in iOS 14.2.

New facial expressions and gestures include Smiling Face with Tear, Disguised Face, and Pinched finger available in a variety of genders and skin tones.

Apple has also following emojis, Dodo, Nesting Dolls, Piñata, Tamale, Boomerang, Ninja, Coin, Anatomical Heart, Beaver, Transgender Symbol, Bubble Tea, and Lungs.

There are 55 new gender and skin-tone variants, along with new gender-inclusive emojis that can be used as an alternative to gendered versions. However, given that new emoji proposals take up to two years to arrive on phones, we aren't likely to see any COVID-19-specific emojis on phones this year.

Finally, Apple is providing a number of new Memoji options for various headwear and colored face masks, which can be used as stickers in iOS messaging apps.

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