Apple Provides Products Sale Performance And Claims iPhone 12 Release Delayed

Alongside sharing its earnings results for the third fiscal quarter of 2020, Apple today also gave updates on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac sales performance, as well as how the Service category performed in the quarter.

Both iPad and Mac achieved double-digit growth during this period. Between them, its Mac sales totaled $7 billion, higher than the $5.8 billion in the same period last year, and iPad sales were $6.5 billion, higher than the $5 billion in the same period last year.

Apple is working hard to deliver more iPads and Macs to customers. In the foreseeable future, many people will continue to work from home, so sales in the fourth quarter may continue to grow.

iPhone sales had also climbed this past quarter, which Cook attributed to the "very successful" release of the low-cost $399 iPhone SE and stimulus check provided to many in the United States. According to Apple ‌iPhone‌ eventually brought in $26.4 billion, up from $26 billion in the year-ago quarter, marking two percent growth.

The service segment concerned, it brought in $13.2 billion, up nearly $2 billion from the $11.5 billion earned in the third quarter of 2019, marking a June quarter record. It's worth noting Apple has successfully achieved its 2016 goal of doubling its services revenue, knocking the milestone six months ahead of expectations.

Lastly, Apple CFO Luca Maestri confirmed that Apple is expecting to release this year's iPhones later than usual, with supplies that will be "available a few weeks later" Nevertheless, we are still likely to see iPhone 12 being introduced in September.

Image Via Happy Aujla

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