Apple Releases New Thunderbolt 3 Pro Cable, Priced At $129

Apple this week released a new high-end Thunderbolt 3 cable that allows users to connect their Mac to external displays, such as Apple's Pro Display XDR, and has a rather fast data transfer speed of 40Gbps.

The $129 Thunderbolt 3 Pro cable is 2 meters long and has the same braid design as the rumored braided Lightning to USB-C cable that's been surface on the internet for quite a few weeks now.

What makes Thunderbolt 3 Pro cable more expensive compared to the typical Thunderbolt 3 cable Apple sells is that, well, it's a 2-meters long cable as opposed to 0.8-meter long cable. Another thing to consider is that it features a nicer black braiding, and they are not prone to damage as much.

On, Apple says that the cable can transfer data through Thunderbolt 3 at speeds of up to 40Gbps and also supports 100 watts of power delivery, and full compatibility with the 10Gbps data transfer speeds of USB 3.1 Gen 2, plus DisplayPort output on top of that.

For power users, the cable surely worth the money, especially those who play around with equipment that is heavily demanding on Thunderbolt connectivity, but for average consumers, not so much.

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