Apple Surveys iPhone Owners How They Use The Charger Included In The Box

Apple is running a survey to ask about recent iPhone buyers what they've done with the power adapters that came with their previous iPhones, this could very well be an indication that Apple would no longer ship a power adapter in its iPhone boxes starting with the iPhone 12 later this year

In the survey, Apple provided options include recycled it, gave to family or friends, lost or misplaced, no longer working or not working well, sold or trade with an iPhone, still using at home, and still have it, but don't use it.

As for why Apple intends to stop shipping a charger with iPhones, some speculates that, on the one hand, to save costs, and on the other hand, because they did for the environment. Yet, perhaps, more importantly, many users may already have a charger at home, and it is a waste to add a charger.

Leaker L0vetodream also said that the future iPhone box will be "thinner" and "Exquisite". Apple is already known for its light and economical packaging box. And to some extent, shrinking its iPhone packaging box can reduce waste and transportation costs.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently said that Apple will also stop bundle the power adapters that ship with the iPhone SE 2020 models. Apple's 5W and 18W chargers will end production before the end of 2020; 12W chargers are expected to end production after 9-12 months.

Image Via YouTube Channel MKBHD

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