Evidence Of Face ID Coming To Mac Found In macOS Big Sur Beta

Apple's Face ID allows the device to be unlocked by scanning the user’s face, and is currently limited to iPhone and iPad. According to the code found in macOS Big Sur, Face ID may arrive on Mac in the future. In the beta version of Big Sur, an extension called "PearlCamera" is included, reports 9to5Mac.

Pearl is the code name of Apple's Face ID and TrueDepth Camera System, considering the iPhone X first featured with Face ID, the code name of this feature is Pearl.

There are also features such as FaceDetect and BioCapture in the extension, which are bits of evidence that Face ID is about to be available on the Mac.

At Present, Apple's MacBook Pro and MacBook Air support Touch ID that includes a T2 chip to perform fingerprint unlocking relevant features. In the future, Apple's Mac product range will be using Apple Silicon, Apple's self-developed ARM processor, as well as a new mini-LED screen. It seems now that the Face ID will show up with these new features.

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