Apple Now Classifies First-Gen iPad Mini As "Vintage"

Apple today added the original 7.9-inch iPad mini, released in 2012, to the list of vintage and obsolete products, according to MacRumors, who first spotted the status.

Generally speaking, vintage products are defined as products that have not been produced for more than 5 years but less than 7 years, those devices can still receive hardware services from Apple and Apple service providers.

Meanwhile, obsolete products are devices that haven't sold for more than seven years. The devices will no longer be eligible to receive services at Genius Bar or Apple Authorized Service Providers.

In this case, the original iPad mini is now considered as a vintage product rather than obsolete.

The first iPad mini was debuted in October of 2012, featured an A5 chip, 512GB RAM, up to 64GB of storage, and a 1024 x 768 display. It was released on November 2, 2012, with the price started at $329 for the 16G model. However, it wasn't until after almost 3 years on June 19, 2015, that Apple discontinued the sale.

Customers can view the vintage and obsolete products list to find out whether or not their products still eligible for Genius Bar or Apple Authorized Service Providers service.

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