iOS 14 Adds Real-Time Audio Levels Measurement To The Control Center

Apple added audio volume monitoring on iOS 13 last year to prevent users from using headphones for long periods and contacting high-volume sound sources to damage their hearing. According to 9to5mac, Apple has expanded this feature by launching real-time audio level measurement on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

In iOS13, users can use the Health app, search for "Headphone Audio Levels," to view the audio level (EarPods, AirPods) and environmental volume (Apple Watch) of the headphone, and the user can view the environmental exposure volume over a while. Apple said that using AirPods and other Apple-certified headphones, the measurement results will be more accurate.

Long-term exposure to a sound below 80 decibels will not affect the user's hearing, while long-term exposure to the sound above 80 decibels will permanently damage hearing.

Starting with iOS 14, users can use the feature in the Control Center to measure the audio level of the headphones in real-time. This feature has an interface similar to the Apple Watch Noise app.

Here is how to activate it:
  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Click Control Center
  3. Swipe down and look for the "Hearing" option
  4. Click the green "+" button to add Hearing to the Control Center
After enabling it, when the user wears the headphone to play audio, open the Control Center to see the audio level measurement result currently being played.

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