iOS 14 Beta 3 Changes and Features!

iOS and iPadOS 14 beta 4 is now available for developers and beta testers with a few features that Apple added including one of the widgets displayed on the WWDC keynote this year. The changes and features consist of the clock widget, a revamp of the Music widget and the Music app icon reverted back to the red-orange iOS 7-8.3 color gradient, several pop-ups and splash screens of the new features to guide users on how to use the new widgets, Apple Pencil features, and Home Screen, more ways to share Apple Music and many more great features.

The revisions in Apple Music include new icons for users to distinguish albums, playlists, liked songs, iTunes movies, and other media, along with the icon colors changed to the older version before the introduction of Apple Music in iOS 8.4. It has been already 5 years straight that Apple reused the same Apple Music-inspired icon from iOS 8.4 to 13.6, which is a little throwback to the earlier iOS versions where it had the most significant revamp in the user interface. The widgets get the same color to revamp as the app icon as well. On the other hand, users also can now share Apple Music songs with Snapchat. 

Other than the Music app, there are also a lot more changes in iOS 14 beta 3. There are pop-ups and splash screens on the App Library, Home Screen, Widget organization, and the Clock widget. The Clock widget was not in the first two beta versions of iOS 14, but the feature from the iOS 14 reveal has finally come to the beta testers. The Memoji masks also have another design featuring the cloth masks without the grooves, which is also one of the common face mask designs for fabric facial coverings. All of the older widgets used from iOS 9 to 13 are now in a highlighted area at the bottom of the widget page, with the Home Screen editing mode making the widgets jiggle as well. 

The last, nominal changes include an additional push notification for Apple Watch Series 4 and later users to let their iPhones know if they forgot to wash their hands when their iPhone gets to their home location. A storage bug in iOS 14 that caused many issues with iPhone and iPad users is now fixed, with the storage narrowed down by the distribution of the system and other files in iOS devices. This means that users who had used 75% of their iPhone storage since installing the iOS 14 beta will now be narrowed down to about 50% of storage space used. 

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