Leaker Shares Photos Of New Lightning To USB-C Braided Cable For iPhone 12

Leaker @L0vetodream shared photos of what appears to be a new Lightning to USB-C cable that has a braided fabric design for the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup, the leaked photos were from ChargerLAB.

It would seem like the iPhone 12 will continue using the Lightning connector for charging. If the rumor is true, we expect that the new Lightning to USB-C cable will be shipped with all iPhone 12 models, as opposed to the Lightning to USB-A cable that Apple has included in the box for who knows how long.

The use of braided fabric design, however, is rather a hint that the cable could be more durable than standard rubber-coated cable, which would please iPhone users as there have been many complaints over the years about the durability of Apple's cables, simply find the cable break easily after month.

ChargeLAB says that the cable measures in at 1.05 meters, roughly the same length of Apple's current 1-meter cables. As for thickness, the cable measures in at 3.04mm, which is only a bit thicker than the existing USB-C to Lightning cable.

When it comes to fast charging, ChargeLAB confirms that the cable was able to fast charge an ‌iPhone‌ and an iPad. Apple's Lightning to USB-C cable would provide a 50% charge within 30 minutes.

Rumors have indicated that both EarPods and power adapters will not be included in the iPhone 12 box and it's possible that the cable will be the only accessory that ships with the 2020 iPhones.

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