Patent Reveals Apple Exploring How To Connect Two iPads Together For Notebook-Style Computing

A new patent application published this week by Apple suggesting that the company is exploring the use of an accessory to connect two iPads together for notebook-style-computing, reports AppleInsider.

This patent application entitled "Modular Multi-Display Electronic Device" was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office today. The patent describes that when two iPads or iPhones are connected together through an accessory, one can be used as a display, and the other would be utilized as a keyboard for input.

The coupling accessory in the patent consists of two small connectors and a hinge. The connector will allow data transfers between devices so that they can work together as a system.

The images included in the patent show that one device is placed flat on the surface with the hinged connector accessory at back, supporting a second mobile device, either in portrait or landscape orientations.

In addition to the notebook-style setup, the patent also proposes that if the two devices are connected along their longest edges, they can also form a book-style setup, similar to the layout of the Microsoft Surface Duo.

Although Apple often submits numerous patent applications, while many patents have never been put into real use, they often give people a rough understanding of Apple's current research and development fields.

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