A New Look at the Rebranded Apple Music Radio Stations

Apple is now renaming their Beats 1 music radio on Apple Music to Apple Music 1, with two additional radios stations to follow. The other radio stations include Apple Music Hits with songs from the 80s to 2000s, two cultural music stations and Apple Music Country for those who love country music. These updated, live and global music stations are catered to every music lover’s favourite genres of songs that they listen to. 

The original Beats 1 station, which has been around since the launch of Apple Music in mid-2015 with iOS 8.4, is one of the most-listened radio stations to date. It also has the best, in-depth interviews and unique programming with artists and singers who bring their own songs to curate these stations to every Apple Music subscriber. These approaches and characteristics will pass on to the new three stations, which will replace the original Beats station from now on.

The Apple Music 1 radio station features a variety of artists from studios in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and London along with pop culture and artist-led programming. The station is led by Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden, Brooke Reese, Dotty, Hanuman Welch, Matt Wilkinson, Nadeska and Travis Mills. Artists featured in the station include Action Bronson, Billie Eilish, Elton John, Joe Kay, Lil Wayne, Frank Ocean, Vince Staples and many other musical icons. New artists joining the radio station include Lady Gaga, Aitch, Kerwin Frost, HAIM, Young M.A. and Charlie Sloth.

The station is also committed to the dedication of Latin American music worldwide, which includes a new show from J Balvin, Sandra Peña and El Guru. On the contrary, there is also another radio station called “Africa Now Radio” with Cuppy, which offers African music from local black artists. These bring a diverse range of different cultures to music lovers and listeners alike.

All subscribers can listen to these music radio stations on the Apple Music app on iPhone, iPad, iPod, CarPlay, Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV, HomePod, the Android app, through iTunes on Windows and on the music.apple.com website. Users can also ask Siri to play “Apple Music 1” and these other radio stations.

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