A14 Bionic Chip Expected To See 40% Gain In CPU, 50% In GPU

TSMC’s 5nm process is expected to bring significant performance and efficiency improvements to Apple’s A14 Bionic chip, making the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup extremely powerful. The A13 Bionic is actually a lot advanced, therefore, the next A14 Bionic is bound to be even more compelling.

Twitter user @Komiya has shared information about the A14 chip. He believes that compared to A13, the new chip will bring a 40% boost in CPU performance, while the GPU will gain more growth. According to him, the A14 GPU will see double the performance by 50% compared to the A13 GPU, thereby providing powerful graphics processing capabilities for all iPhone 12 models.

As for the distribution of the performance and performance cores of the A14 Bionic chip, it is not stated. However, according to the previous leaks, the A14 Bionic is faster than the A12X Bionic running in the 2018 iPad Pro. A total of six processing cores are specified in the specs.

This may mean that Apple will find a way to improve performance while maintaining the same number of cores. In a previous analysis, it's suggested that the A14 Bionic may be faster than the 15-inch MacBook Pro outfitted with Intel CPU. As for the actual performance of this chip, it will only be known after the iPhone 12 is launched.

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