Apple Extends The Period That Users Can Purchase AppleCare+ Amid Slow Sales

Apple announced to the retail and customer service teams on Monday that it will extend the period during which users can purchase AppleCare + services. Users can currently register to purchase warranty and service plans within 60 days of purchasing Apple hardware products. In the United States and Canada, this time window has increased to a maximum of 1 year, reports Bloomberg.

The company said this gives customers more opportunities to protect their devices and get all the benefits of AppleCare+.This offer applies to full-price AppleCare+ purchases or for those who subscribe via installments on the Apple Card credit card.

For those who don't know what AppleCare+, it is a high-end technical support service provided by Apple for iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch, and it also covers accidental damage. Taking the iPhone as an example, the cost of this service is about $200, which greatly reduces the cost of repairing broken screens.

Giving consumers a much longer time to buy AppleCare+ may boost the sales of the service and give a boost to Apple's digital services business. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently stated that the new COVID-19 pandemic is affecting demand for AppleCare.

According to the new terms of service, before purchasing AppleCare +, users must have Apple retail team employees inspect the device to ensure that the device is not damaged.

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