Apple Introduces New API 'App Attest' To Ensure The Security Of iOS 14 Apps

There is a new App Attest API that has been added to the DeviceCheck feature in iOS 14, which helps ensure the security of iOS apps. Apple today issued a reminder to developers to let them know about the new API.

App Attest aims to lessen the use of fraudulent apps. Encryption keys are generated on the device to verify the integrity of the app before the server provides access. This will help cut down on hacked apps and apps that are sideloaded and modified through jailbreak tweaks.

In a statement, the iPhone maker explained the API:
Part of the DeviceCheck services, the new App Attest API helps protect against security threats to your apps on ‌iOS 14‌ or later, reducing fraudulent use of your services. With App Attest, you can generate a special cryptographic key on a device and use it to validate the integrity of your app before your server provides access to sensitive data.
Apple also shared developer documentation on implementing the App Attest API for interested developers. the company has the DeviceCheck feature to eliminate hacked apps and app fraud, but App Attest is the latest and will be more widely adopted, and should further help developers prevent their apps from supporting invalid versions.

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