Apple Releases First Beta Of iOS 13.7 With COVID-19 Exposure Notification Support, No Apps Required

Apple has released the first beta of iOS and iPadOS 13.7 for developers, starting a new cycle of iOS and iPadOS beta testing. After installing the proper profile, you can download the iOS 13.7 or ‌iPadOS‌ 13.7 beta from the Apple Developer Center, and install it via Settings -> General -> Software Update.

iOS 13.7 lets you choose to join the COVID-19 Exposure Notification without downloading an app. The availability of the system depends on the support of the local public health agency.

When Apple and Google announced their collaboration on the COVID-19 Exposure Notification API, the two companies detailed the two phases of the technology. The first stage, which is the iOS 13.5 release we eventually saw, requires users to download the app from their public health agency to opt-in to the Exposure Notification.

At the time, Google and Apple also announced the "second phase" of the technology. This was released as part of iOS 13.7, which allows users to opt-in to the COVID-19 Exposure Notification" without having to install an app. However, in order to verify a positive case, you still need an app from a public health agency to confirm a positive case of COVID-19.

Ideally, this change could expand the availability of the API. For now, only a few states in the UA are using this platform, as are several other countries and regions in the world. Regrettably, Apple stated that the availability of COVID-19 exposure notifications will still depend on the support of local public health authorities, even if the opt-in feature is directly built into iOS 13.7. 

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