Apple Devices Rank First In satisfaction In The PC And Tablet Market

According to data shared by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) today, Apple's Mac and iPad have the highest satisfaction score in the PC and tablet market. 

The 2020 Household Appliance and Electronics Report, published by ACSI, shows that Apple tallied 82 points, one point less than last year.

In second place is Samsung (81), followed by Acer (78), Amazon (78), Asus (77), Dell (77), HP (77), and others.
The overall industry rankings mimic results from the cell phone industry, where Apple and Samsung have long been locked in a two-way battle at the top for customer satisfaction. Despite slipping 1%, Apple leads the PC industry with an ACSI score of 82 that matches its rating in the cell phone industry. Samsung again holds second place, just a point lower at 81--a score that also matches its cell phone rating.
Factors that affects customer satisfaction include design, graphics, sound quality, number of peripherals, software and apps, ease of use, system crashes, and processor speed.

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