Google Project Zero Researcher To Work For Apple To Improve iOS Security

A researcher who worked for Google Project Zero is about to leave the security team and proceed to work for Apple to improve the security of iOS and other operating systems.

Brandon Azad revealed on Twitter last Friday that he confirmed that he will leave Project Zero next week to take up a position at Apple. He will work for Apple to improve the security of Apple devices. "It's with both bittersweet sadness and excitement that I say goodbye to Project Zero, as I'll be joining Apple next week to continue my work improving Apple device security," said Azad.

Project Zero is Google’s security research team dedicated to researching security issues and vulnerabilities in Google’s own products and software from other companies. The team is tasked with finding zero-day vulnerabilities and reporting them to device manufacturers.

Some of the works they have done include the finding of zero-click bugs in Apple's Image I/O framework that affect all major Apple platforms, as well as vulnerabilities found and exploited by hackers targeting the iPhone.

Azad is known for his work on iOS security issues. In Apple's iOS and macOS release notes, he has been credited numerous times. By switching to Apple, Azad may be able to help plug some of the security exploits he discovered before being discovered by research teams like Project Zero.

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