Leaker: AirTags Coming Soon, Available In Two Sizes

According to the latest tweets by leaker L0vetodream, Apple’s rumored AirTags Bluetooth tracking device may be released soon, offering two size options.

The leaker tweeted in an obscure way: claimed that "big one" and "small one" are coming soon, and an hour later he posted a tweet "tag TAG", suggesting that it's the AirTags that he was referring to.

AirTags are small round white tags with the Apple logo on the front. They may be attached to the object through adhesive or ring-like attachment points. This is the first time that two sizes have been revealed. It is not clear what the purpose of these two sizes is. It is said that this device is used to attach to items such as keys and wallets for tracking purposes, and users can utilize the "Find" app to locate the missing items.

Frequent leaker Jon Prosser shared a relevant concept last month, in which he said that the concept is based on real object designs. He also pointed out that AirTags are bigger than bottle caps.

Rumors have it that AirTags have replaceable batteries, such as CR2032. 

We have also heard that AirTags would come with rechargeable batteries that support charging on MagSafe chargers. Rumors about this are currently contradictory, which may indicate that Apple is already testing multiple AirTags prototypes or prototypes of different sizes.

AirTags are more accurate than regular Bluetooth item trackers because they are said to use ultra-wideband technology, which can provide more accurate indoor positioning.

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