Apple Rumored To Introduce Chargers Based On GaN Technology

Per the Taiwan industry publication DigiTimes, Navitas Semiconductor is anticipated to receive an order from Apple in 2021 to provide fast charging solutions based on gallium nitride or "GaN" technology. The report said that as part of the existing partnership, Apple’s chipmaking partner TSMC will provide Navitas with GaN chips.

The supply chain source indicates that Apple is planning to launch a GaN version of the USB-C power adapter, which will be smaller, lighter, more power-efficient, and have lower thermal conductivity than current silicon-based chargers. Many other brands, such as Anker and Belkin, have introduced GaN chargers in the past few years. It is unclear whether Apple's first GaN charger will be released this year.

Navitas is the creator of GaNFast. They claim that it has found gallium nitride solutions in some of the most popular fast chargers in the world. GaNFast has been adopted by many brands, such as Okay, Dell, Lenovo, and Xiaomi. Last year, the company said that GaNFast-based solutions include wall chargers ranging from 24W to 300W.

Currently, when Apple sells iPhone and Apple Watch models, it no longer includes a power adapter in the box, but it continues to sell a variety of power adapters separately, including 5W and 12W USB-A options, as well as 20W, 30W, 61W, and 96W USB-C option.

Image Via Belkin

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