Foxconn Ships First Batch Of iPhone X Units To The Netherlands And The United Arab Emirates

According to Chinese Xinhuanet. Apple’s favorite contract manufacturer Foxconn has started shipping the first batch of iPhone X units from Zhengzhou and Shanghai to the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates, with a combined shipment of 46,500 phones.

However, reported initial shipments of iPhone X units were much lower than previous iPhone models, according to the Chinese-language Commercial Times. Although The latest estimates of production volumes increased to the 400,000 per week, as reported by Nikkei.

Although Foxconn has ramped up its output of iPhone X to 400,000 units a week recently from the previous 100,000 units, the increased production still cannot meet market demand, said the report, citing data from Rosenblatt.

The biggest problems during production is the components for the TrueDepth 3D camera system, as matter of fact, these parts are said to be responsible for the low production rate, which was earlier reported as having been under 10,000 units a day. We will likely to see very low supplies for a considerable time, possibly well in the next year.

Demand for the iPhone X depends in large part on iPhone 8 sales, most upgraders of course opting for one or the other. A recent KGI report said that iPhone 8 sales were actually better than they expected, backed by Foxconn revenues, while that still leaves a lot of people waiting for the new flagship phone. AT&T alone suggested that it was expecting to see almost a million orders for the handset.

Via DigiTimes9to5Mac, And iDB, Image Via iDownloadBlog

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