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We just started accepting guest posts at Loveios. In this piece, I'm going to tell you about the rules and conditions, benefits you are going to get, which topics are permitted for the guest post, and how to send over your guest post, and this post will be used as a forum for us to write. Without further ado, let's get it started.

Why You Should Write For Us? 

Below I've outlined some main reasons why you should contribute with us or what kind of benefit you will get:
  1. Author Bio With Social Links: In the last of the guest post, we will implement the guest author bio with social links and also a do-follow link. By this, readers will know about you and if they liked your content then they will surely land on your blog.
  2. You, Will, Help Our Readers: Helping others is always a great thing. You can easily help our readers with your guest post or the article you will submit to us.
  3. Get Quality Social Media Impressions and Traffic: Loveios boosts a quite massive social media reach, particularly, we reach around 500,000 impressions every month. Our website is also a big platform, with millions of readers have visited our site since the launch back in 2017.

Which Topics Are Allowed For Guest Post?

I've listed all those topics which we accept for the guest post, please make sure your article includes at least of these topics:
  • Mac and or Windows Guides.     
  • iPhone and or iPad Tips     
  • Guides on How to do.     
  • Top ..(10 or 5 ) (Games or Apps or.. ) for Android and or iOS     
  • Tech news in general

Rules and Guidelines For Writing a Guest Post

Little rules for guest authors which everyone needs to accept and follow:
  • Unique Content / Not Copied
  • Article Must Be Well Written and SEO Friendly
  • It Must Have Minimum 300 Words
  • Affiliate Links are allowed in the article

How To Submit The Guest Post?

Now, if you did all the things I have outlined beforehand, then here is the way that how can you submit the guest post to us.
  1. Write your post in MS word file along with the image you would like to include in your post
  2. Compose an email, attach that file and send it to [email protected]
  3. And I should get back to you within the next 48 hours


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