Have you ever accidental delete apps on your iPhone? That happens to me so many time when I’m just holding my device, and I get that “Delete?” message. Even if you haven't experience that problem before, I would still suggest you to use the tip to prevent accidentally deleting apps on your iOS device, cause your kids can be heavy-handed sometimes: it's so easy to just hold down an app to delete it.

  1. Open the Settings app on your devices
  2. Tap on Screen Time, and then to the Content & Privacy Restrictions
  3. Click on the iTunes & App Store Purchases
  4. Select the Deleting Apps option, and set it to Don't Allow
  5. So there you have it!
In normal settings, an “X” will appear when you tap on hold down an app icon at the top left corner of the App icons, which letting you to delete apps by tapping on the X symbol, now, it will no longer be that case. Of course, in order to delete apps again in the future, you will have to temporarily enable the restriction, though you will be in full control of when you want to delete apps.

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A new lawsuit filed against Apple alleges the company deceptively hide the notch and make false claims about the iPhones' display size and PPi, include the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, saying that Apple is completely cutting corners, thus Plaintiff lawyers Christian Sponchiado and Courtney Davis have filed a lawsuit to the Northern District of California courthouse. (Via Business Insider)

The document said that Apple's OLED iPhone models have false marketing behavior because the screen does not provide true pixels, the resolution figure is wrong, misleading consumers. The iPhone XS should have 2436×1125×2=5481000 sub-pixels. In contrast, the iPhone 8 Plus offers a higher quality screen with a resolution of 1920×1080×3=6220800 sub-pixels, states the document.
The iPhone X Product is advertised as having 2436×1125 pixels, but in fact does not use true pixels with red, green, and blue subpixels in each pixel. Instead, the Product has only false screen pixels, with just two subpixels per false pixel (2436×1125×2 = 5,481,000 subpixels), and it does not actually have any subpixels at all in the notch at the top of the screen or in the display-area corners. In contrast, the iPhone 8 Plus has a higher quality screen than the Product, with more subpixels than the Product (1920×1080 pixels×3 subpixels per pixel = 6,220,800 subpixels). In contrast to the Product, the iPhone 8 Plus does not have a notch at the top of the screen or rounded corners of the display area.
Interestingly, although Apple promoted the iPhone XS to be 5.8 inches in size, the lawsuit declares that this is completely deceiving consumers. The "full screen" is a deceptive word because there is a notch at the top of the screen. Apple also deliberately used dark wallpaper to cover the notch in many marketing images. After eliminating these invalid areas, it should be measured at only 5.6875 inches.

The original iOS' features are not comprehensive, and numerous advanced features require jailbreaking by installing tweaks. At the time, after the iPhone or iPad was jailbroken, a dedicated App Store, the so-called "Cydia", was installed. without a doubt, Cydia has become the symbol of jailbreak, where users can download or purchase a variety of jailbreak tweaks to personalize their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

However, its history is about to end, Cydia's founder Saurik commented on Reddit this Friday that Cydia has been unable to generate any revenue and has had bugs, so he has now disabled the purchases on Cydia. In addition, Saurik has decided to completely shut down the App Store for jailbroken devices in the future, and he himself said that there is no enthusiasm for continued maintenance.

Saurik said: "the reality is that I wanted to just shut down the Cydia Store entirely before the end of the year, and was considering moving the timetable up after receiving the report (to this weekend); this service loses me money and is not something I have any passion to maintain.” He states there will be a more formal post next week with more details about the future of the Cydia.

Currently, Cydia still exists, the purchase option on Cydia has been turned, which means that users can no longer purchase items from the Cydia store. We can still download tweaks from the purchase record or purchase it from a third-party source, it is just no longer via BigBoss.

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Apple's Apple Music service now can be enabled on Amazon Echo smart speakers today (US), a few days ahead of schedule. Apple and Amazon announced the partnership in November, which the latter recognizes Apple Music as "one of the most popular music services available today." (Via 9to5Mac)

Apple Music skill can now be activated in the Alexa app on the iPhone to play songs, playlists, and Beats 1 radio on Amazon Echo speakers. For example, you can say, "Alexa, play the song of Ed Sheeran on Apple Music." Of course, you can also set Apple Music as the default music streaming service with the Alexa app so you can omit the "Apple Music" phrase you want to listen to music.

Alexa also supports features that aren’t available on Apple's HomePod, such as the ability to set alarms to music as well as music automation via a feature called Routines. In addition, Echo speakers also support many other music streaming services as well, like Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, Deezer, and so on.

According to Variety, Apple has inked a deal with DHX Media to produce all-new "Peanuts" content that will be exclusive to the company. While Apple has also ordered a straight-to-series show starring Jennifer Garner and executive produced by J.J. Abrams. The aggressive expansion of its movie collection comes as Apple reportedly would debut its video streaming service as soon as next year.

For Peanuts, it says it includes a short film, featuring astronaut Snoopy with the theme of STEM education, which Apple has long supported. However, It's unclear who else will be starring in it, since the report makes no mention of Apple gaining the rights to existing Peanuts content. The creator Charles M. Schulz developed the franchise dates back to 1950.

Starring Jennifer Garner, titled "My Glory Was I Had Such Friends", the new drama series is based on Amy Silverstein's memoirs of the same name published in 2017, which tells the story of how a group of women gave her tremendous support while waiting for a second heart transplant. Both Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros. Television will be the producers of the series.

The two new original contents Apple's well over a dozen original TV series and movies lineup, and just this past few weeks, Apple ordered a show from M. Night Shyamalan, a violent drama starring Richard Gere, and so much more.

It seems every each year the iPhone is getting bigger and bigger, every since iPhone 6 plus was release, it went from 4-inch to 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch to 5.8-inch, and then 6.5-inch nowadays, because people simply want have bigger smartphone, that applies to majority smartphone brands on the market, smaller phones are nowhere to found, however, a new concept trying to imagine what would a mini iPhone XR look like.

Designer Krystofer said his inspiration for the concept of the iPhone mini came from seeing a child using a Plus-size iPhone to make a call. Another is that he saw an old man having difficulty taping on the top of a large-size phone. Therefore, Krystofer decided to design an iPhone that is tinner, less powerful, but cheaper. Like other iPhones, it can make calls, texts, pre-installed several core apps, and emergency features.

Similar to iPhone XS and XR, the iPhone mini uses the same full-screen notch design, but its body is 40% smaller than the iPhone XS Max and has only one rear camera. Simply put, it's more like a mini version of the iPhone XR. "Your thumb can reach all corners", he says: "it would be light and could fit into any pocket unlike the new line-up out from Apple"

However, as far as Apple is concerned, they are unlikely to launch a phone similar to the iPhone mini. There are even rumors that Apple has given up the second-generation iPhone SE. With the slowdown in the smartphone market, Apple has turned to a new strategy of selling fewer handsets at higher prices and increasing revenue by increasing the average iPhone price.

Apple today announced that its Apple Music Connect service for music artists and fans now begin to shut down starting today, and its fate is exactly the same as the iTunes Ping service that withdrew from the historical stage in 2012. Meanwhile, Apple today informed developers that they can now view data analytics for their macOS apps in App Store Connect.

In an email sent to artists, Apple stated that they will no longer be able to post in the Connect section from today, and this feature has been removed from the Apple Music Artist page and the "For You" section. Apple said that the Connect content uploaded by the artist could still be searched until May 4, 2019. Connect used to have a separate tab in 2015, but was later degraded to the "For You" section.
Today we're streamlining music discovery by removing Connect posts from Artist Pages and For You. This means you'll no longer be able to post to Connect as of December 13, 2018, but all previously uploaded content will still be searchable until May 24, 2019. You can still create Artist Playlists with the latest version of Apple Music.
As for macOS app analytics, which now lives in App Store Connect, give you the ability to view how many times your app was seen on the Mac App Store, how many times your product page was viewed, and how many new customers downloaded your app.
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