Apple Working On Another TV Series That Based On Issac Asimov's Foundation Novel

Apple is again being reported to be working on a new tv show, the company has linked a deal for the sci-fi series adaption of Isaac Asimov's Foundation, the series will be produced by Skydance television, which is in development for straight-to-series consideration.

As reported by both Deadline and Variety, the series will be written and produced by David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman, and they will also serve as executive producers and showrunners.

For those who unknown about the the book, Foundation is Isaac Asimov's most popular and well-known science fiction series, which takes place in a time when the Milky Way is under the control of the Galactic Empire, with the novels span many years and cover the rise and fall of multiple empires.

The book trilogy–comprised of the novels “Foundation,” “Foundation and Empire,” and “Second Foundation”–takes place in a time when the Milky Way is under the control of the Galactic Empire. A mathematician named Hari Seldon develops a method to predict the fall of the empire, leading him to form a group known as The Foundation to preserve and build on human knowledge and speed the rise of a new empire.

In additon to the show, Apple is also working on another drama based series called Are You Sleeping?, an untitled space drama that developed by Ronald Moore, a reboot of Steven Spielberg's "Amazing Stories, as well as an epic world-building drama called "See".

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