Apple May Splitting iTunes For Mac; Music, Podcasts To Become Standalone App

According to the latest findings from developer Steve Troughton-Smith, Apple is likely to release standalone Music and Podcasts apps in macOS 10.15. T-S indicates that there is evidence that Apple is developing a new UIKit-based Music, Podcasts, and Books app for macOS, as well as the company's already announced TV app. Steve:

I am now fairly confident based on evidence I don't wish to make public at this point that Apple is planning new (likely UIKit) Music, Podcasts, perhaps even Books, apps for macOS, to join the new TV app. I expect the four to be the next wave of Marzipan apps. Grain of salt, etc
The practice of developing apps for these services alone suggests that Apple reconsidering to split iTunes for Mac, simply because iTunes now houses too many types of services, including Podcasts, Movies, TV Shows, and Audiobooks. Apple already has a Books app for macOS, an updated version or a new standalone app should include audiobooks.

Apple has been valuing cross-platform apps for iOS and Mac as we can tell from macOS Mojave viewpoint, with the technology giant has launched standalone Stock, Home, Apple News and Voice Memo apps for the Mac platform, all based on iOS apps.

Apple will preview the core features of the latest version of the four platforms including macOS 10.15 and iOS 13 at the WWDC 2019 Keynote event. Whether this is true or not, we will have to wait and see.

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